FREE: Claim Your Essential Survival Tactics Pocket Guide
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Essential Survival Tactics

FREE: Claim Your Essential Survival Tactics Pocket Guide

Because we feel it’s VITAL all families have one of these guides to prepare for when disaster strikes... Just cover the tiny shipping cost & we’ll send it right to your door for free.

There are hundreds of survival situations you’ve got to know the skills to survive, but under pressure will you remember every detail of every Youtube video, every article or even survival lessons you’ve learned? Not to mention your family… do they know all the survival skills they need?  

That’s why this free survival tactics pocket guide will keep you prepared & your loved ones protected. Just stash it in your car’s glove box, in your backpack, or in your RV and you’ll always be prepared for any emergency!

This guide covers things like:

• Wise Gear Selection

• Navigation

• Dangers to Avoid

• Finding Safe Water

• Making Fire for Warmth

• Improvised Shelters

• First Aid

• And more...

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