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As you know, a life-threatening terror attack, natural disaster, or deadly accident can strike anytime... Even a twisted ankle on a remote hiking trail can be a ‘life or death’ test of your survival skills.

Your odds drop dramatically every hour you don’t have food, water, or shelter.

One thing is clear: In a crisis, someone needs to lead.

Your decisive action could make the all the difference. That’s when you must have a plan (even without access to the Internet or a cell phone).

That’s why our team of survival experts created The Essential Survival Tactics Pocket Guide.

Now you can have the information you need at all times. If you help us cover the cost of shipping, we’ll send your Pocket Guide FREE.

Stash it in your vehicle, your backpack, or around the house, or give it to a loved one.

This pocket guide covers critical survival topics, including:  

  • Must Have Crisis Gear: Know the tools and supplies you really need 
  • Survival Navigation: Get where you need to go without getting lost
  • Staying Safe from Danger: Keep your family away from immediate threats
  • Clean Drinking Water: Get all the water you need to avoid illness and dehydration
  • Reliable Fire Starters: Simple ways to safely start a fire that even child can learn
  • Emergency Shelter: How find or build quick and easy improvised shelters 
  • Critical First Aid: Know how to provide urgent care and potentially save lives.  

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